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Ticwatch S - Sync music and play on the watch


I can confirm, that Catberry's instructions work well.Some additional information:One can delete the payment method, credit card details etc. after activating google music in the google account details. Updating or deleting playlists or albums that were downloaded to the watch did not work.Also, when I connected to "play music" on the watch for the first time, the playlists were not retrieved. I had to go to settings (swipe down on the main screen) > apps > play music > system infoand delete the app cache AND app data. After that the new or updated albums and playlists were displayed in "play music" app.Connection to BT headphones also worked as expected.     Please help.   I did not find the right solution from the internet.   References: https://forum.mobvoi.com/viewtopic.php?t=2537&start=20 [url=https://jobs.vidzzy.com/hire-3d-product-video-animation-services/]3D Product Animation Services[/url]   Thanks!


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